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Light On

Light is often referred to as the 'source of life' in scientific understanding, as researchers found out that all life on earth has originated from sunlight. It also has a great influence on the life after it has begun. Talking in terms of human behaviour sciences, sunlight is considered the ultimate source of positive energy. Sunlight also becomes very important in Interior Design, as interior design deals with creating habitable spaces for human beings, be it a residential facility in the form of a condominium, a bungalow, a palace etc., an office facility, be it a corporate headquarters of a multi-national corporation or a doctor’s clinic or an architect's studio.

Classical Reinterpreted

Fashion, as it is a cycle. The elements in any area of design are bound to have a come back after a due time. These elements, however, comeback after each time with a little twist, if seen in comparison with the earlier version. Not only in interior design, but everywhere, after the introduction of any element, all the subsequent elements are different from each other in terms of something or the other. They are, in a way, an amalgamation with the contemporary design language. Even if there is no change in the element, sometimes the way it is set up in the story is different or sometimes it is teamed up with the surrounding elements in an innovative manner.